Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CS4 Master Collection Dead Drop

Adobe Platform Evangelist Lee Brimelow presented a pretty awesome challenge, CS4 Master Collection dead drop:

This is your chance to get a free copy of CS4 Master Collection which is valued at over $2500. I have long been a fan of spy movies and the various aspects of tradecraft that intelligence agencies use. With that being said I have created a dead drop which now contains the software. Watch the video below to get all the clues you’ll need to find the drop.

I just heard about this a from my friend, E. He's the one who actually picked up the drop last night. Awesome. What are the odds? He just happened to be:

  • Geeky enough to be reading flash blogs

  • Reading the post soon after it went live

  • Sitting 5 miles away from the drop site when he read about it

  • an Eagle Scout, totally at home in the great outdoors at night

The last one is important because at least one of the commenters got close, but then got lost.

That's like the definition of opportunity: When luck meets preparation.